Portrait photography is the art that entails capturing the inherent character if the subject within a photograph. Many photographers have shifted to modern cameras to have more control when taking portraits. However, getting a great shot is often a challenge, and only a professional can manage the best portrait. If you want to stay on top of your game, there are a few useful techniques that you can use.

Tips to Taking the Best Portraits

If you want to have some of the best portrait photographs, use these techniques:

Find Angles that Aren’t Eye Level

We are often stuck to seeing what is right in front of us, but as a photographer, finding a new angle is advisable. Finding an angle that is above or below eye-level brings a unique perspective to an image. This is an ideal technique when you want to flatter subjects of different heights and body types.

Use Off-Camera Flash

When it is used straight on the flash will hardly flatter the face of your subject, and the image will often lack dimensionality. When used to light subjects from the side, the flash allows you to create both shadow and light on the subjects. This flatters the subject’s features and brings about a range of shadows and highlights to the image. It allows you to highlight the details in the background creating a more dramatic landscape.

Find Backlight

Once you can identify a light in any situation, then you are ready to take some great portraits. Lighting is the essence of photography, whether you are using the sun or bulb light. All these light sources are ideal when it comes to creating a beautiful light edge light when behind your subject. Rim light creates an effect that enhances the dimension of your image by separating the subject from the background, allowing you to outline and focus on the subject.